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Agency History and Mission Statement

I started my agency in 1994 with the sole purpose of providing my clients with the finest Health, Life, and Disability coverage available. Past medical problems resulted in me being uninsurable. Because of this, I am very selective in choosing companies with which to work. Companies I choose have to be well documented in customer service, strong & financially stable, and treat people like human beings and not just a number. I make sure my clients always understand what they have- so there are no surprises with their coverage. The last thing you need is to find that your policy is not what you thought it was. You should always know that you have the coverage you need. My mission is to provide a long term solution to your health insurance needs and eliminate your financial risk.

This is an important time with many changes taking place within the new Affordable Health Care Act. With these changes there are many choices and questions people have. I've been able to guide many people through the maze of plans and benefits so that they are able to understand their plan and its benefits. I've also had great success in helping individuals obtain the subsidies and cost sharing they deserve to help pay for their monthly premiums and make their plans more user friendly with lower out of pocket expenses. 

J C Insurance Services is a licensed and Marketplace certified agency and a major online source for Health Insurance for individuals and small businesses to provide the guidance needed to navigate the New Health Care Reform plans. We represent the finest health insurance companies whether you are an individual, family, or small business owner, our main and only goal is to find the company and plan best suited for your needs and budget.

I have been working in the small business environment for 20 years. My clients are individuals, independent contractors, sole proprietors and small businesses. I provide individual and group Health, Life, Dental, Long Term Care & Disability policies. I’m able to assist everyone I work with. I’ll let you know if what you have will be the best for your present situation.

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Respectfully, Joseph Chvatal