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Choosing Your Health Insurance and FAQ's

The things you will need to consider choosing what health insurance will be best for you and your family:

Choosing a health plan is a very important part of minimizing your financial exposure. Navigating through the new health Care Reform can be a very confusing experience. In our 20 years we have found that there is no “ best “ plan for most people- there are plans that might be better  than others for your family’s needs and budget.

We typically look at our insurance needs by our past experiences. If you have been healthy your view your needs differently that if you have had medical problems in the past. Our main purpose is to help you navigate the various options available to you and find the best plan taking in to consideration your costs and financial exposure (cost and usage). Our education to you will allow you to find your comfort level and make the correct decision for you and your family.

The Areas You Will Need To Consider Are:

How affordable is the care (cost of care)?

What will be my monthly cost?

Should I try to insure just my major medical expense or most of my medical expenses?

Are there deductibles I will need to meet before my plan pays?

After I have met my deductibles, what part of my costs is paid by the plan?

How does my deductibles, co pays, and maximum out of pocket expenses work?

How does my plan address networks and how does in and out of network expenses work?

How does my plan handle Doctors visits?

Do the plan benefits match my needs (access to care)?

What providers are on the plan network (Doctors, Hospital and other medical providers)?

What are my local options for care?

Do I need permission before I see a specialist?

What is my financial exposure in case of a major illness?

What are my prescriptions costs under the plan?

Does my plan cover maternity?

With the new health care reform there are many critical decisions that need to be made to protect your family and your financial exposure. Hopefully these areas of concern will help you ask the right questions.